Who Am I?

I've started blogging past 3 years and affiliate marketing started in July-2020 to provide me with some extra cash during a time of job insecurity.

As of today, I have received a Paychecks of $5,05,700 from ClickBank 😊

When I was working, I used lunch and break time to watch videos about online earning, and after the job hours, I used to work online all night.

At that time I didn't have money to run ads, but I didn't give up. First, I generated free sales, and today I generate 70-80% of my sales from paid traffic.

I quit my job in Nov-2020. The Salary what I was getting monthly is now my one day earning.

Today I can fulfill my every wish, which was earlier a dream for me. All this possible because of affiliate marketing.

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What You Will Learn?

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What My Students Say About Me

Earlier I used to think that maybe affiliate marketing will also generate income because why would someone buy products from our links but when I met Jay sir for the first time, my life completely changed, my whole focus shifted from client business to affiliate marketing. Jai sir guided me every step like an elder brother if you have a mentor like Jai sir in your life you can achieve whatever you want. it's all about his help that I generated $1k in a day within a couple of days of my Affiliate Journey.
By - shreekant sharma
Jay Rajput is the best affiliate marketer that i felt is 100% Safe & Trusted One. He always helped me and gave me such great guidance which i have been implementing and got successful results. His all videos are so much helpful and provide us with all necessary inputs in Simple, Proper and Understanding Manner. Due to his great skills and accurate guidance I got my first sale and very good earnings. I started my part time career as an affiliate marketer due to Mr.jay . Thank you Mr. Jay for supporting me in affiliate marketing and showing me this amazing way of earning money.
By - Anita Virpura
Previously affiliate marketing was a dream for me but I found best way to achieve my Goal after watching Jay Rajput sir's videos and now I'm able to earn 400-500$ weekly and also want to scale my earnings more & more in later months of my life, so i have already joined Mentorship Program. Jay Rajput sir is really a Genuine and Honest person. I will always recommend to everyone. 😊
By - Preeti Singh
Jay Rajput is one of the best guys that I have ever met throughout my entire Digital Marketing Journey; his efficiency and teaching techniques helped me understand all the hidden corners of paid advertisement as well as organic. We both are working on some projects maintaining all his proven strategies. It's all about his help that I generated $479 in a day within a couple of days of my Affiliate Journey and learned a lot from him. 100% Super trusted person, and Thanks for your support Bhai!!❤️
By - Debabrata Acharya
Jay Rajput is one of the best affiliate marketer i ever seen and 100% trusted. He always help me. He is so honest. i got first sell bez of him. I started my career as an affiliate bez of jay and haven't look back since. Thankyou brother for supporting me in every situation. Luv u ❤️
By - Aaditya

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